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Pastries & tarts

Pear Frangipane Tart 30/Slice 5.25

Organic Warren pears, organic kumquat jam,
& almond frangipane, in a sucrée tart shell

Valrhona Chocolate
Salted Caramel Tart
 40/Slice 5.25

Valrhona chocolate flourless cake,
candied cocoa nibs, & salted
caramel, in a sucrée tart shell

Bergamot Date Tart 30/Slice 5.25

Bergamot, organic seville orange marmalade, tarragon
hazelnut streusel, in a sucrée tart shell

Tarte Tatin 40

Caramelized organic Pink Lady apples with a puff pastry base

Fruit Scone 3.25

Meyer Lemon jam baked into our buttermilk scone

Walnut Coriander Scone 3.25

Walnuts & coriander baked into our buttermilk scone

Currant Scone 3.25

Currants baked into our buttermilk scone

Canele 2.75

Vanilla & Rum Pastry baked in a beeswax lined copper mold

Brownies 3

Chocolate Chip & Oat Cookie 2.25

Oat cookie with semi-sweet & dark chocolate chips

Noisette & Oat Cookie 2.25

Oat cookie with hazelnut & Valrhona gianduja chocolate

Meyer Lemon shortbread 2

Brown sugar shortbread with a layer of
meyer lemon preserves

Fruit Breton


Baguette 3

Farmers (whole/half) 10/5.5

Sourdough levain: 80% refined wheat, 20% whole-grain wheat
from Giusto’s and Full Belly Farm (Frasinetto)

Teff - Corn Grits & Sesame Seeds 12/6.5

Sourdough levain with teff, polenta, & sesame seeds

Walnut (whole/half) 12.5/6.5

Sourdough levain with walnuts

Olive 6

Sourdough levain with Kalamata olives

Cheese Roll 3

Sourdough levain with Gruyere & Manchego cheese
& cubeb pepper

Miche (whole/half) 11/6

Mulitgrain sourdough levain with 50% refined wheat,
40% whole-grain wheat from Giusto’s and
Full Belly Farm (Frasinetto), 5% cornmeal, 5% rye

Whole Wheat (whole/half) 8/5

100% whole-grain wheat from Giusto’s and Full Belly Farm (Frasinetto),
with whole wheat sourdough levain

German Rye (whole/half) 8.5/4.5

85% whole-grain rye, 15% refined wheat,
with walnuts, currants, & coriander

Pain au Lait 6.25

Refined wheat, eggs, milk, butter, cream cheese, & yeast

Fougasse 8

Herbed sourdough with duck fat & organic, house-made preserved lemons

Challah (Fridays only) 6.5

Plain, Poppy Seed, or Sesame Seed



*All of our Viennoiserie items are made with flour, water, milk,
sea salt, butter, sourdough starter, and yeast.

Seasonal Items

Fruit Croissant 3.5

Seville orange jam with sweet potato filling
& hazle nut streusel

Veggie Croissant 3.5

Organic roasted yams, red onion, fennel, walnut goat cheese spread & cubeb pepper


Year Round items

Traditional Croissant 3.25

Pain au Chocolat 3.5

Made with Callebaut chocolate

Ham and Manchego Croissant 3.5

Niman Ranch ham & Manchego cheese

Morning Bun 3.25

Ceylon Cinnamon smear with Ceylon Cinnamon sugar dusting

Almond Croissant 3.75

Twice-baked Croissant with almond cream spread,
topped with almond cream

Chocolate Almond Croissant 4

Twice-baked Chocolate Croissant with almond cream spread,
topped with almond cream

Ham and Egg Croissant 4.75

Niman Ranch ham, Cage-free eggs
& Gremolata herb bread crumb


– Sandwiches 

*TUESDAY - SATURDAY starting at 10am

Veggie 7.5

Organic celery root, herb aioli, preserved lemon,
& burrata cheese on a baguette

Ham & Cheese 7.5

Fra’mani rosemary ham, manchego cheese,
& herb butter on a baguette

Turkey & Bacon 8

Deistel Turkey, Niman Ranch bacon, herb aoli,
housemade kimchi, & organic greens on a brioche bun

– Quiche 

Whole 40 / Slice 5


Broccoli, caramelized onion,
herbs, & organic chard


Niman Ranch ham, caramelized onion, chives, & organic chard

– Pizza 

*TUESDAY - SATURDAY starting at 11:30am

Whole 25 / Slice 3.5


Organic kale & garlic, manchego cheese, asiago,
fresh mozzarella, & tomato sauce


Zoe's Meats Pepperoni, manchego cheese, asiago,
fresh mozzarella, & tomato sauce


Fournée Bakery is a small artisan bakery and pastry shop located in Berkeley, California owned & operated by Baker / Pastry Chef Frank Sally. We are dedicated to using the highest quality ingredients & traditional methods to produce food that nourishes the soul. 



We are unable to take orders through email. Please call us directly to place orders. For whole quiche/desserts, please allow at least 2 days notice. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Tuesday - Friday : 7am-6pm

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