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Pastries & cakes

*Some of our cakes can be made into larger serving sizes with prices starting at $4.50 per serving. Our special order cakes are 2.5” in height & generally finished in buttercream.  They are available in rounds, squares, quarter sheets, half & full sheets. Please note that orders must be placed at least 5 days in advance.

Seasonal Items

Fruit Trifle

Layered cake with strawberries, strawberry jam, diplomat cream topped with hazelnut streusel

Brioche Sucre Tart

Brioche tart with pumpkin pie filling and pumpkin seeds

Choux Craquline

Pate choux with caramel mousseline & peanut toffee

Lemon Praline Tart

Lemon Curd tart with lemon mousseline & hazelnut streusel 

Fruit Breton

Breton Tart with seasonal fruit & lemon verbena cream

Tarte Tatin

Caramelized apples with a puff pastry base

Fruit Scone

Seasonal fruit baked into a buttermilk scone

 Fruit Breton

Fruit Breton


Year Round Items

Valrhona Chocolate Mousse

Devil's food cake, Valrhona chocolate mousse, chocolate cremeux

Ginger Cake

Fresh ginger, spices, topped with cream cheese icing

Tcho Chocolate Salted Caramel

Devil's food cake, salted caramel, Tcho chocolate cremeaux 


Pate choux with pastry creme filling

Walnut Coriander Scone

Walnuts & coriander baked into our buttermilk scone

Currant Scone

Currants baked into our buttermilk scone


Vanilla & Rum Pastry Baked in a beeswax lined copper mold,


Chocolate Chip & Oat Cookie

Oat cookie with chocolate chips

Noisette & Oat Cookie

Oat cookie with hazelnut & gianduja chocolate

Meyer Lemon shortbread

Brown sugar shortbread with a layer of meyer lemon preserves, topped with hazelnut streusel



*All of our Veinnoiserie items are made with flour, water, milk, sourdough starter, yeast, sea salt, sugar, butter & malt.

Seasonal Items

Fruit Croissant

Organic Blenheim Apricot & Cream Cheese

Savory Croissant

Organic Sungold tomatoes with goat cheese filling, topped with gremolata




Year Round items


Pain au Chocolat

Made with Callebaut chocolate

Ham and Manchego Croissant

Niman Ranch ham & Manchego cheese

Pain au Raisin

Frangipane with Rum and lemon juice soaked raisins & orange zest

Morning Bun

Ceylon cinnamon smear with Ceylon cinnamon sugar dusting

Almond Croissant

Twice baked Croissant with almond cream spread, with almond cream on top

Ham and Egg Croissant

Niman Ranch ham, & Cage free eggs


– Sandwiches 

*Tuesday - Saturday starting at 10am


With organic sun gold tomatoes, herbed aioli, preserved lemon & burrata cheese

Ham & Cheese

With Fra Mani rosemary ham, manchego cheese, & herb butter

Turkey & Bacon

Fra’mani Turkey, bacon organic sun gold tomatoes, house made aoli, & organic greens

– Quiche 


Summer squash, sun gold tomato, caramelized onion & organic chard


Niman Ranch ham, caramelized onion, chives, & organic chard

– Pizza 

*Tuesday - Saturday starting at 1130am


Organic Eggplant & garlic, manchego cheese, asiago, fresh mozzerella, & tomato sauce


Zoe's Meats Pepperoni, manchego cheese, asiago, fresh mozzerella, & tomato Sauce


Fournée Bakery is a small artisan bakery and pastry shop located in Berkeley, California owned & operated by Baker / Pastry Chef Frank Sally. We are dedicated to using the highest quality ingredients & traditional methods to produce food that nourishes the soul. 



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